The specific objectives of the project ROBOGENIUS  are:

  • to explore the innovative approach of the learning pathways through interdisciplinary education and play, by using the new technologies and Lego education for interdisciplinary teaching by the development of robotics activities and related workshops with the target groups of the partners involved in the consortium and with the cooperation of the associated partners;
  • to identify the main obstacles at European/regional/national/local level through the implementation of the new approach to the different systems of education of the schools involved in the project;
  • to generate referential and inspiring results for the schools interested to include robotics and learning by play in their curriculum; to insure a long-term sustainable impact to the partners involved in the consortium;
  • to create a platform for an international forum of robotics, seen as a “nursery” for the educational centres embracing the interdisciplinary approach through play and by using the hi-tech means and Lego Educational.